Christmas Grilling

Can you believe Christmas is only a few days away? At Sun Country, we often do some kind of Christmas grilling at the store. We figured that we’ll take it easy during this blog and share with you one of our favourite meals we’ve had at the store featuring some Christmas grilling.

At the store, we constantly are doing some kind of grilling demonstration for our customers. Whether its grilling vegetables or smoking a pulled pork, we like to show people how our grills work.

When doing our Christmas grilling, we like to get many different meals going at once. Here, we did lobster tails, a roast, mashed potatoes, and fried veggies.

Christmas Grilling

The lobsters were buttered up with a brush before placed onto the grill. They tasted as great as they looked. We did these, and the roast, on the Weber EP 330 grill.

Christmas Grilling Roast

This roast was also done on the Weber before the lobsters. It went low and slow – and done with a digital thermometer. As the store was open that day, we couldn’t check to see see when the roast was done. The Weber Digital Thermometer we used would beep once the set temperature was reached. It comes in pretty handy when you don’t have time to look out for your food.

Plate Christmas Grilling

Of course, when all is said and done, the plate looks great. We added gravy to the mix, as well as mashed potatoes and veggies for extra deliciousness. Christmas grilling never seemed so fun!

But what can you do this Christmas on the grill? Smoke a turkey or slow roast a prime rib. Turn on the rotisserie and make a chicken or some quail! Even searing some steaks have been Christmas grilling traditions for many families.

So from all of us at Sun Country, we hope you have a great holiday season!