Choosing Sunbrella

When looking for wan ourdoor fabric, choosing Sunbrella should be on the top of your list. With hundreds of outdoor fabrics to choose from, there’s no reason to why you shouldn’t have Sunbrella fabrics on your outdoor patio furniture.

Sunbrella as a company, are the leaders in outdoor fabrics. Founded back in the seventies, they’ve grown into one of the largest fabric creators in the world. Their mark on outdoor furniture is obvious as you cannot walk into a quality patio furniture store without it being present.

But what makes choosing Sunbrella worth it? What is it about the fabric that makes it so popular amongst patio furniture stores?

Choosing Sunbrella

Sunbrella fabrics are a solution dyed acrylic fabric. What that means is that the fabric is a plastic which is dyed all of the way through. Think of it like a carrot: orange all the way through. The same is done with Sunbrella. The colour is inherent to the strand of string. This means that the colour is quite difficult to fade. Unlike other fabrics, the colour is not painted on. Painted on fabrics are more likely to fade, which makes choosing Sunbrella an obvious choice.

The material – acrylic – is also quite durable. Being a plastic, it’s less likely to absorb water or stains. It’s naturally repellent, meaning that if your cushions in Sunbrella are left in out in the rain, it won’t be the end of the world. For the most part, the water will simply run off of bead up on top of the fabric.

If you ever think you’ll be away for a short while, it’s best to tip your cushions up vertically to allow the water to run off easily. It makes for care of your furniture to be simple and easy.

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