Chaise Lounges

Some form of chaise lounges have been around since the time of the Egyptians, with the most popular and recognizable coming from the Victorian Era. The “fainting couch” chaise blended luxury with comfort – heavy wooden frames with rich fabrics.

As styles have changed, the chaise has morphed to what we recognize today. Chaise lounges are now more popular outdoors than in living rooms and can be found poolside, on back decks, cruise ships and on patios around the world.

Modern day chaises are often made of a durable metal, wood or recyclable fabric and feature two low arms (or none at all), a contoured seat and a reclinable back. Long lasting sling fabric gives ultimate comfort, but many also feature cushions made with weather resistant Sunbrella fabics.

Chaise Lounges Sling Armless Chaise Lounge

Gardenella Sling Armless Chaise Lounge

What’s the difference?
Settee: small sofa with two arms and a back
Daybed: frame that holds a twin sized mattress with a back and arms
Recamier: upholstered bench with arms and no back
Divan: sofa version of a daybed
Chaise: ottoman and chair fused together

At Sun Country, we have a variety of different styled chaises to meet your needs. From Telescope Casual, we have aluminum framed sling chaises that come with or without arms. These are popular as they do not require cushions and are quick to dry when they get wet. CRP has recycled plastic chaises that come in 16 different colours. They are perfect for high wind areas and beside the pool. Finally, Cabana Coast offers both aluminum and wicker chaises that compliment any backyard. Many of their furniture models have a matching chaise so customers can easily add to their collections.

Visit out St. Catharines and Burlington showrooms for a full selection of chaise lounges and to speak to a sales associate. We look forward to meeting you!