Cast Aluminum Patio

If you’re trying to find the best cast aluminum patio furniture, you’re in the right place! Here at Sun Country, we carry tons of different cast aluminum patio sets to fill up your backyard. Whether you’re looking for cast dining or cast seating patio furniture, we have the selection for you!

All of our cast aluminum furniture is rust free, as aluminum cannot rust. It has become the most popular type of metal for us to have on our furniture at the store for that reason. Even our outdoor wicker patio furniture is woven around cast aluminum frames. This allows the structure of the frame to remain fully sound for many years to come.

The frames are also fully welded, meaning there are no nuts or bolts to wear away or loosen over time. The welds on the chairs and tables hold strong so normal use cannot break them apart.

The aluminum chairs are also powder coated in a paint finish that makes them durable against chipping and peeling from the sun and other debris in the air. You can feel confident not having to worry about your cast aluminum patio furniture wear away from just sitting under the sun.

Cast Aluminum Patio

Basic maintenance to cast aluminum is pretty straight forward. With rust proof frames, simple water and soap solutions can clean most of the furniture with ease. Simply rubbing a soapy solution on with warm water and a soft bristle brush will pull up most dirt. Storing outdoors with a patio cover also can help prevent build up of other dirt over the seasons.

For storage, you can simply leave the furniture covered outdoors, or store it inside in the winter time if you’d like. It’s really as easy as that!

To see lots of cast aluminum patio furniture available, stop by our store today!