Built In Grills

We offer a large assortment of built in grills here at Sun Country. For the individual who wants to create an outdoor kitchen or a nice add on in a backyard, built in grills are great for saving space.

Here at Sun Country, we see quite a few different customers with ideas for their built in grill. For example, we have seen a customer schematic featuring a built in grill head and a spot for their Big Green Egg. Another example was with a customer going with Napoleon’s built in grills and their pre-fab cabinetry.

With built in grills, the ideas and positions are endless to what you can do in your backyard. We feature a wide assortment of built in ideas by Napoleon. Napoleon features various under grill cabinets which are used for creating your own unique outdoor kitchen.

Built In Grills

For example, Napoleon offers built in fridges, cabinets, and stainless steel drawers that can be adjusted and placed in any way you would like them to be. There is no limit to what you can do! It makes the creation of an outdoor kitchen easy!

Napoleon also offers a large variety of built in grill heads. You can choose from many different head sizes. From large families to small gatherings, you will never have to worry about having too much or too little space in your backyard. You can stop by Sun Country in St. Catharines to see the many different heads available to create your outdoor oasis.


But what are the benefits of having an outdoor kitchen or built in grills? For starters, they’ll never blow away! Secondly, they help extend your outdoor living experience much longer! In the summer months, you can keep the indoors cooler without having to use your oven or stove tops.

There are still so many more reasons to try an outdoor kitchen. Stop by Sun Country and speak with someone today to learn what is best for you!