Broil King Grills

There’s definitely something to say about Broil King grills. There are so many different styles of the grills available that there is definitely one from the casual griller to the more experienced chef. Here we’ll go through all of the different Broil King grills we carry and mention the differences each model brings.

Monarch Series

The Monarch grills are the smallest of the Broil King series. With cast iron grids, three burners, and 350 square inches of primary cooking surface, the Monarch comes in two models: the 320 and 340. The 320 is the standard three burner model while the 340 features a side burner.

Signet Series

Much like the Monarch series, the Signet’s also feature three burners and cast iron grids. However, they are a larger grill. With 400 square inches of primary cooking surface, the Signet’s come as a 20, 70, and 90 series. The 20 is the standard grill, while the Signet 70 offers a rotisserie kit and burner, and the 90 features that, plus a side burner.

Sovereign Series

The Broil King Sovereign is the first Broil King in the lineup to feature stainless steel grills. Still featuring three burners, the Sovereign goes up to 450 square inches of primary cooking surface. Also available as a 20, 70, and 90 like the Signet’s with the same features, the Sovereign also has an XL version. This XL grill has the same features as the 90, but has four burners and 600 square inches of cooking surface.

Broil King Grills
        Broil King Imperial XL

Regal Series

The Regal series is Broil King’s cart model. With heftier doors and a roll top lid, the grills come as a 400 and 500 series model. The 400 and 500 series are standard four or five burner grills (respectively), while the 490 and 590 series come with a side burner and rotisserie kit and burner.

Imperial Series

Broil King’s top of the line grills are the Imperials. Similar in structure to the Regals, offering a 490 and 590 option, the Imperials have a more substantial base and drawers. The Imperials also offer an XL version which features two lids and six burners – perfect for large gatherings and big events.

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