Broil King Barbecues

When looking for an excellent grill, Broil King Barbecues are the BBQs to see! With over fifteen different barbecues to choose from, there is guaranteed to be a grill for anyone.

Broil Kings are made in Waterloo, Ontario by Onward Manufacturing and are indeed Canadian made grills.

Featuring a wide variety of products, Broil Kings start as small as their Monarch series, but go a large as their Imperial series.

The Monarch 20 is the smallest of Broil Kings. Featuring 300 sq. in. of cooking space, the Monarch is the perfect grill for two people.

The next size up is the Crown series. Featuring three different models, the Crown series is 350 sq. in. of cooking space. There is the basic Crown 20, then the Crown 40 with side burner, with the Crown 90 adding a rotisserie.

Broil King Barbecues - Signet 20

As far as Broil King Barbecues go, the Signet series is our most popular. Although the same size as the crown, it features three burners inside of it for extra control. There is the basic Signet 20, followed by the rotisserie model of the Signet 70. The Signet 90 then adds a side burner.

The Sovereign series is next. At 450 sq. in., it is a larger grill, but only offering two models. The 70 – a rotisserie model, and the 90 – both rotisserie and side burner. The Sovereign also features stainless steel cooking grids.

The Regal series comes in two different models as well. The 490 has 500 sq. in. of cooking surface, while the 590 has 625 sq. in. Aside from the size, the only major difference is that the 590 has one extra burner inside of it. Both also feature roll-back lids.

Broil King’s premium models are from the Imperial series. More similar to built-in barbecues, the Imperials come in three sizes. The 490 has around 525 sq. in. of cooking space, while the 590 has around 625 sq. in. The big one, the Imperial XL has two lids. Both lids have 500 and 225 sq. in. of cooking space respectively.

As you can see, Broil King Barbecues come in all shapes and sizes. If you want to see them, stop by Sun Country today!