The Big Green Egg

Cook with the Big Green Egg! It is the best choice when it comes to grilling at home.

Made from ceramic, the Big Green Egg uses charcoal to heat, cook, and smoke food. Its egg like and dome shape helps trap in moisture, allowing your food to stay extra moist and tasty. The most exciting thing is how the great smoked charcoal flavour adds so much more to the food.

From slow cooking ribs and roasts, to searing steaks with heat up to 700 degrees, the Big Green Egg can do it all with ease. It is so easy in fact, you can do a great steak in minutes with high heat.

Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg – How to Light it

To light the Big Green Egg, you can use the Egg starter firewax, or even a chimney starter. You can even use an electric BBQ starter if you like. Keep the lid open to let air come inside the Egg.

Once the charcoal is lit after about 10-15 minutes, you can close the lid and adjust the air flow to get the right heat.

What to Eat on the Big Green Egg

From there, you can cook anything you would like to eat. Chicken, fish, cookies, lamb, cakes: whatever you desire, the Egg can do it. The Big Green Egg comes in many sizes, so have fun with having choice!

The use of the Egg may seem scary at first. After a few tries though, you will see it is more than easy to use.

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