Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

One of the more popular styles of furniture on the rise is aluminum outdoor furniture. Known for it’s rust-free nature, this type of furniture is well built and will last for many years to come. So why is aluminum outdoor furniture so popular? Here are the reasons why.

It cannot rust.

As we said before, no, aluminum cannot rust. In fact, it is rust-free. This type of material is used in high quality barbecues as well as on boats as aluminum can take high heat and water on without worry. Naturally, having this as a type of material for patio furniture to be made out of is a great idea. No rust, no fuss!

Solid Welds

While aluminum outdoor furniture is considered to be quite durable, there is a difference in terms of who carries what. At Sun Country, our furniture is all fully welded. This means there are no nuts or bolts to loosen up on the chair over time. In fact, most of our aluminum furniture comes with a fifteen year warranty on their frames – including the welds. This is important to note as we can safely say there are no worries with out furniture.

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Aluminum is Worry Free

As suggested, aluminum is worry free. As already said, you don’t have to worry about rust issues at all. But you also don’t have to worry about wearing. Aluminum is durable and strong. For our furniture at Sun Country, it’s a thick frame or extrusion, making the worries just float away.

Different Styles

With our collections, we have so many different pieces to choose from. With a wide variety of aluminum patio furniture to choose from, it’s no wonder why people come to Sun Country from all over.

If you’d like to see our cast aluminum outdoor furniture, stop by our Burlington patio, or St. Catharines patio furniture location today.